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Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Cafe by Davina Lee The Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Cafe

Demons thought to exist only in folklore are being spotted in Neo Tokyo. Only Miss Nakamura and the courageous young women serving as hostesses in her Kitty Cat Cafe have what it takes to fight them.

It's girl power adventure in the style of an anime action series. And it wouldn't be a Davina Lee story without a little sexy fun thrown in, so the demon fighters' day job involves entertaining clients while dressed (and undressed) as playful kittens.

The manuscript is making its way through the publishing pipeline, but I've got the first chapter available as a preview so you know what you're in for.

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Tales from the Stream

Tales from the Stream by Davina Lee Humanity has never been content to stay in one place for very long. We’ve been on the move ever since our ancestors decided to migrate from the cradle of Mother Africa. Over the eons, our journey has taken us across oceans and between the planets of our solar system. And, when the tachyon stream was discovered, the rush began anew.

Once again ships were sailing out, though not on the oceans under the sounds of wind on rippling canvas, but in the silence of great silver sails of metalized polymers, catching the faster than light particles looping and coursing their way around the galaxy's treasures. Once again humanity was on the move, this time clambering for a new home among the stars.

The reasons were the same as in days of old: new business opportunities, freedom from religious persecution, the desire to build a utopia bigger and better than what was possible within the confines of our little world. Those were the dreams of the entrepreneurs, the idealists, those with the means to construct the ships with their great silver sails.

For the rest of us, we had our dreams too, but not on such a grand scale. We were more content to escape: escape a former lover turned abusive spouse, escape a past felony conviction leading to a lifetime of unemployment, escape a landscape of poverty with no hope on the horizon. We boarded those ships too. Our payment was not collected in cash, but rather as a signature on a contract of indenture.

UPDATE: Now, with a fabulous glossary to help you keep the characters, places, and things straight in your mind as you're enjoying the stories.

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Literotica Stories

These are all stories that have been published on Literotica. I am making them available here as ebooks in case you need smut where there is no wifi. ☺

Mistress and Charlotte

Mistress and Charlotte Bedtime Stories by Davina Lee Mistress and Charlotte Juliet Summer by Davina Lee Mistress and Charlotte Dinner Party Mystery by Davina Lee

Other Stories and Collections

NSFW Fairy Tales by Davina Lee Egyptian Nights by Davina Lee Tales from the Stream by Davina Lee

Stories published through JMS Books

All the Feels by Davina Lee The Future in Our Stars by Davina Lee Dance Until the World Ends by Davina Lee

To enjoy one of these stories offline, simply download it to your device's local storage and open it with any PDF reader app. Or, if you use a dedicated e-reader, check out this PC Magazine article for help getting stories sideloaded onto your Kindle.

For new stories and to make comments, please visit my Literotica page.

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Miss Baxter's Girls

I have a new series of titles for sale called Miss Baxter's Girls. If you like the loving relationship Mistress Natasha has with Charlotte and Juliet in my Literotica tales, you're sure to enjoy Miss Baxter and her girls.

The overarching story centers around a retired dominatrix who runs a boarding house for young women. Equal parts loving mother and strict disciplinarian, her hope is to help each of her boarders live up to her full potential. Not one to be trifled with, Miss Baxter is equally likely to use the stick as the carrot when instructing her girls in life's lessons.

Titles with previews:

Miss Baxter's Girls 1: Julie by Davina Lee Miss Baxter's Girls 2: Anise by Davina Lee Miss Baxter's Girls 3: Margo by Davina Lee
Miss Baxter's Girls 4: Maimoona by Davina Lee Miss Baxter's Girls 2: Hilary by Davina Lee Miss Baxter's Girls 6: Hasiba (coming soon) by Davina Lee

Each book is around ten-thousand words long and is published by JMS Books. The first title, Julie the Pianist, will often be featured on sale or free on the publisher's web site. There is also a box set with all six books for a special price.

Want to see some reviews and ratings before you buy? Check out my goodreads page.

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Sara's Secret War

I am expanding upon a short work I once published on Literotica called Sabine's Story. It's been polished up and re-released as Sabine, Mother of the Revolution. I'm hoping to use this tale to kick off a whole series of stories in the same dystopian setting.

Check here to find previews before they get published.

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Sneak Peeks & Extras

Works in progress, previews, and other incomplete ramblings

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