Support the Creation of Free Stories

by Davina Lee

Thank you for your interest in my creative writing endeavors. Rather than asking for money for myself, I would ask that you use your time and money to support literacy, support the free software makes it possible for me to do what I do. Then if you still have a few coins to rub together, save them to buy my published books.

An Author is Nothing Without Readers

Reading is so incredibly important to a child's development. If you have a child, if you know a child -- read to them as often as possible. Volunteer at your local school or library. Get future generations excited about reading.

Tools of the Trade

Free software makes it possible for me to bring you free stories.


It's easy to write when you have a great word processor. LibreOffice is my personal favorite. It's easy to use and has powerful features like master documents that let me create novel-sized works in easy-to-manage chapter-sized chunks, and Track Changes that makes it easy for me to work with editors. Best of all, it costs nothing to use.

Donate, download, or get involved at

Super Dimensional Fortress

I mean really, can you think of a cooler name for a web host than Super Dimensional Fortress? Neither can I. They offer free accounts and charge only a small one-time fee to get started with a website. Support is minimal at best, so it helps to be a geek.

Donate at, and if you're a geek like me, get your own account.

Buy My Published Works

On December 22, 2018, I published my first novella with JMS Books. (Definitely for the over eighteen crowd only.) Look for It's Been Such a Long Time by Davina Lee. Each copy sold puts a taco on my lunch plate! ☺

Drop Me a Note

I always enjoy reading fan mail. And really, who wouldn't. If you like something you've read, let me know.


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