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Miss Isabella's Home for Stray Kittens

Book Cover: Miss Isabella's Home for Stray Kittens

Nineteenth century historical romance set in the Spanish countryside meets the modern day kink of kitten play and owned submissives in this unique and tender novelette of women loving women from Davina Lee.

Follow the story of Angelita, a young woman with no family, who is brought to Miss Isabella’s finishing school in hopes she can avoid being sent to the workhouse. Miss Isabella’s house is full, so an agreement is made to take in Angelita as a kitten.

Can a lower class girl as a mute kitten ever hope to fit in with the young women from prominent families who board at Miss Isabella’s manor? Only one other girl in Miss Isabela’s house seems to think so. But can their unique friendship ever hope to stand the test of society and family pressures and blossom into something more?


Davina Lee

Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Café

Book Cover: Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Café

Miss Nakamura's Kitty Cat Café in downtown Neo Tokyo provides a unique service. The hostesses who serve tea routinely strip down to nothing but cat ears and a tail to entertain their female clients. But that's just their day job. Behind the scenes, they also use their supernatural abilities to protect the city from ancient demons thought to exist only in folklore.

When new girl Kaiya joins the team, she's unaware of anything more than the serious crush she's developing on Miss Nakamura's daughter Ayumi. But soon the demons come calling, forcing Kaiya, Ayumi, and the other warrior hostesses into action. Will Kaiya find her power? Will she get her girl?

Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Café is a fast-paced, girl power, fantasy adventure in the style of near future, supernatural, manga and anime, against a tender backdrop of a budding lesbian love story. If you like fantasy adventure tales, but think they need more lesbians, Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Café is the story for you.


Davina Lee

Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Café: The Torii of Hakone

Book Cover: Demon Hunters of Kitty Cat Café

Kaiya and Ayumi's supernatural adventures continue. This time in the resort town of Hakone. They've been sent by Miss Nakamura to link up with demon hunters in the area and form an alliance. What should be an easy mission turns out to be anything but.

Join Kaiya on a journey of self-discovery as she learns the source of her intuition and her ability to see demons in their true form. And though it's not an easy path she travels, Kaiya has Ayumi at her side every step of the way.

This sequel is still in the works, but a preview of the fist chapter is available now as a sneak peek.


Davina Lee

Tales from the Stream

Book Cover: Tales from the Stream

Humanity has never been content to stay in one place for very long. We've been on the move ever since our ancestors decided to migrate from the cradle of Mother Africa. Over the eons, our journey has taken us across oceans and between the planets of our solar system. And, when the tachyon stream was discovered, the rush began anew.

Once again ships were sailing out, though not on the oceans under the sounds of wind on rippling canvas, but in the silence of great silver sails of metalized polymers, catching the faster than light particles looping and coursing their way around the galaxy's treasures. Once again humanity was on the move, this time clambering for a new home among the stars.

The reasons were the same as in days of old: new business opportunities, freedom from religious persecution, the desire to build a utopia bigger and better than what was possible within the confines of our little world. Those were the dreams of the entrepreneurs, the idealists, those with the means to construct the ships with their great silver sails.

For the rest of us, we had our dreams too, but not on such a grand scale. We were more content to escape: escape a former lover turned abusive spouse, escape a past felony conviction leading to a lifetime of unemployment, escape a landscape of poverty with no hope on the horizon. We boarded those ships too. Our payment was not collected in cash, but rather as a signature on a contract of indenture.

UPDATE: Now, with a fabulous glossary to help you keep the characters, places, and things straight in your mind as you're enjoying the stories.


Davina Lee

Pepper's Penance

Book Cover: Pepper's Penance

Ashley Zimmer is the third-generation owner of A to Z Music, a brick and mortar store severely impacted by the dot-com boom. Refusing to call it quits, she sees salvation in Pepper Alverez, the lonely woman who plays beautiful, haunting music every weekend without fail at a public piano in a neighborhood park. Everything would be alright if she could only get the crowds that gather at the park, into her store.

But the agreement to play in Ashley's store during the winter months does not come without baggage. Pepper's sad, minor key blues riffs and improvisations come from a long list of what she sees as her past sins. Playing the piano is the only way she knows to express those feelings and begin her atonement. It is her penance.

As Ashley begins to understand Pepper, she's faced with a choice. Does she view their friendship as a temporary business agreement, giving Pepper a place to play while getting the store back on its feet, or is it something more. And when Pepper makes things less than easy, how far is Ashley willing to go? Will she take the risk, turning a tenuous friendship into something more?


Davina Lee

Miss Baxter's Girls

Book cover: Miss Baxter's Girls: Julie

Hilary Baxter is a retired dominatrix who runs a boarding house for young women. Strict, but kind, she always has her girls' best interests at heart.

Book 1: Julie the Pianist: When new boarder Julie falls for Miss Baxter's sexy assistant, Anise, it's lust at first sight. And when Anise's shirt rides up, exposing her bruises, Julie enters another world where she learns that not everything that hurts is necessarily bad.

Book 2: Anise the Snowboarder: When her first boarder, Anise, turns out to be a bit of a handful, Miss Baxter finds herself falling back on old techniques to keep Anise on the straight and narrow. The two mix like oil and water. Harsh words are spoken, apologies are made, and a new special therapy regime is agreed upon.

Book 3: Chef Margo: Her new chef, Margo, quickly develops a serious crush on Miss Baxter's assistant, the sexy snowboarder Anise Dale. While the two are getting up to all sorts of kinky fun, Margo gets a job offer from a famous restaurant in a city far away. Will great sex enough to keep to women with career aspirations together?

Book 4: Maimoona the Gift: Young Maimoona appears, insisting she's a gift sent by Miss Baxter's former lover. Ever the thoughtful matchmaker, Miss Baxter pairs Moona with Jessica, another of her boarders. It's lust at first sight, and things get even hotter as Moona confesses her alien abduction fantasy, in this tender and kinky story that will leave you breathless.

Book 5: Hilary the Au Pair: The year is 1982. Young Hilary Baxter is an au pair in a far away land, looking after Hasiba, an exotic and attractive woman, nearly her own age. It's an easy assignment, until Hasiba proves to be a handful. Hilary proposes a strict system of rules and punishments to correct the situation, but will Hasiba agree to Hilary's terms? And will Hilary's growing feelings for Hasiba spoil the dynamic?

Book 6: Hasiba the Lost Love: When the mother of one of her boarders comes to town for a visit, Miss Baxter seems not quite her usual self. Picking up on the dynamic, two of her boarders decide to put the situation right. A little late night eves dropping, with a swat and a moan, lets them know they've done their job.

Published with JMS Books as individual titles or bundle and save with the box set.


Davina Lee

Mistress and Charlotte Bedtime Stories

Book Cover: Bedtime Stories

One of my earliest stories on Literotica was Girl Friday, the tale of a down on her luck college student taking a job as a personal assistant with a client whom she accidentally adresses as Mistress during their first meeting. The name sticks. And the personal assistance is very personal.

These two are kinky for sure, but they enjoy their fair share of tender moments too. If you prefer lesbian domination and submission that's served up with a heaping helping of love and respect, this is the book for you.

The first nine stories are in this ebook.


Davina Lee

Mistress and Charlotte The Juliet Summer

Book Cover: The Juliet Summer

The Mistress & Charlotte Bedtime Stories wrapped up with the kinky couple meeting an open-minded solo traveler by the name of Juliet while vacationing in Mexico. The trio had no plans to make their time together anything more than a holiday fling, but things heat up when Mistess Natasha gets backstage passes to see Juliet's band on their west coast tour.

If you thought things were steamy with two, wait till you see what the three of them get up to.

Eight more tales in this ebook.


Davina Lee

Mistress & Charlotte Dinner Party Mystery

Book Cover: Dinner Party Mystery

It's a Mistress & Charlotte crossover story featuring the gals from Risk Versus Reward.

Mistress Natasha's just not herself and the strange goings on in the household have Charlotte and Juliet playing detective. There's only woman in the world who could possibly get Mistress Natasha flustered and she's come to dinner. But what does she want? And will the gals playing sleuth get it figured out before things fall apart?

It's the usual Mistess, Charlotte, and Juliet fun with a healthy dose of Mickey Spillane thrown in for good measure.


Davina Lee

Risk Versus Reward

Book Cover: Risk Versus Reward

Twenty-two chapters whip you through the ups and downs of Karin's journey as she decides to roll the dice and sign up for the kinky finishing school known only as The Academy. Follow Karin and her best friend (with benefits) Desi, as they make their way from doe-eyed new girls to a pair of confident, sexy gals, ready to strike out on their own.

But will Karin's heart forever belong to Desi or will it be stolen along the way?

A tour de force of character driven lesbian kink! If you've read Girl Friday and ever wondered about Karin, the 'H.R. Lady' and the woman behind Charlotte's unique interview experience, this is the book for you.

Now with an extra chapter, Interview with the Domme, featuring a favorite character of many readers, known affectionately as Mistress Yummy.


Davina Lee

Dance Until the World Ends

Book Cover: Dance Until the World Ends

Lina and Arabel are just a couple of gals on the lower rungs of society's ladder. Born into a culture with rigid caste system, all they want to do is find the next good party. Never in their wildest dreams would they suspect the survival of their island colony might rest on their shoulders. But things come to a head when the ever seething rebellion pushes the two women into the spotlight and into danger's path.

With their own colony no longer safe, these best friends find themselves on the run, fleeing with only the clothes on their backs. Their journey into the unknown leads them to discover strange new lands, never before visited, some with even stranger inhabitants than their own. Will these newfound acquaintances prove to be friend or foe, or simply another temptation from the path?

Follow Lina and Arabel on a hero's adventure of epic proportions at the far distant edge of humanity's future. Sailing over the clouds, risking everything to do what is right for their people and their colony.


Davina Lee

Amber, the Bubbly Blonde from Marketing

Book Cover: Amber the Bubbly Blond from Marketing

Amber from marketing. Everybody knows someone like her. She's the gal who's always smiling and upbeat. The one organizing the company canned food drive or spending her time volunteering with the kitties at the local animal shelter. She's a bundle of boundless energy from sources unknown.

That's how coworker Dani sees her, anyway. But when Dani is roped into one of Amber's volunteer outings, she gets to know the kindhearted person behind the constant smile. And as their affection begins to blossom, she gets a peek at the true source of Amber's boundless energy.

Follow Dani and Amber on a wild rollercoaster ride that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next. Dive into this collection of five tales and find out the unique circumstances that make Amber so energetic and the way love prevails.


Davina Lee

All the Feels

Book Cover: All the Feels

Eight sticky-sweet lesbian love stories. Originally published as highly-rated individual short stories on Literotica, now available as a convenient ebook anthology.

A regular lunchtime customer becomes a hot date in Catch of the Day. In another restaurant-centered tale, Cilantro and Onions features a May-September romance with all its ups and downs. A butch tow truck driver helps a stranded college student with repairs and more in Come and Rescue Me.

Lemongrass features the high school prom you'll wish you had attended, and an ending that lets you know there's more romance in store. Red and the Wolf puts old enemies together in a sweet story that's nothing like the fairy tale. Speedy Delivery is another May-September tale that starts with a stolen bike and blossoms into an unlikely romance.

The devil's daughter is running things in daddy's absence in Sympathy for the Devil, and life quickly heats up when a new resident comes calling. Viva La Gloria starts on a rooftop and ends in romance with a chance encounter by two young women.

If you enjoy tales of women helping women, first-time romance, chance meetings blossoming into something more, or old enemies falling in love, this book is for you!


Davina Lee

The Future in Our Stars

Book Cover: The Future in Our Stars

The Future in Our Stars is a trio of stories that explore the idea of romantic relationships between humans and artificially created lifeforms.

Follow the narrator as she discovers her repair mission for an AI asteroid miner is actually a ploy to borrow her body for a romantic encounter. Spend the holiday with Sally, an artificially created human and her naturally born lover. Then take a trip into orbit to learn how it all ties together with a mysterious deep salvage find.

Unlike most of my other tales, this story does not have the happiest of endings. But, it will make you think.

This one is also a dual release. You can read it free on Literotica. Or you can purchase it as an ebook.


Davina Lee

NSFW Fairy Tales

Book Cover: Not Safe for Work Fairy Tales

Originally published on Literotica as individual stories, these slightly warped retellings of classic fairy tales are sure to delight.

Featuring: The Real Story of Bo Peep, Fairy Fucking Godmother, The Rescue of Princess Lingonberry, The Marriage of Princess Lingonberry, and Princess Berry and the Golden Strap-On.

If your Prince Charming happens to be a butch princess riding in on a horse, a Harley, or a cherry red Caprise Classic, this book is for you.


Davina Lee

It's Been Such a Long Time

Book Cover: It's Been Such a Long Time

Amanda Johnson leads a comfortable life. She's married to a successful businessman and her daughter is grown and off blazing her own bright trail in the business world, leaving Amanda free to fill her days volunteering at the local charity thrift shop. It isn't an exciting life but it's secure, and most days Amanda is content to accept the path that she has chosen.

But all of that changes one day when a woman walks in with a crate full of LP records to donate. As Amanda flips through the stack, there's one album in particular that drags her back to an alcohol-fueled senior year summer outing and a bonfire where she kissed a girl on a dare. She doesn't know it yet, but that very same girl is standing in front of her, all grown up now and peering into Amanda's eyes over a crate of vintage vinyl.

There's a flash of recognition and Amanda begins to wonder what her life would have been like if she had followed her heart instead of everyone's expectations. What if she had turned left instead of right, zigged instead of zagged? Would she be happier than she is now? And when given the chance to do it all again, will she have the courage to change her decision and follow her heart?


Davina Lee

Egyptian Nights

Book Cover: Egyptian Nights

World famous Egyptologist Nigel Carruthers, the Third (who happens to be a woman) and her buxom secretary Nigella, embark on a journey to the Nile Delta in hopes of uncovering the secrets of the Goddess Bastet. However, it's Nigella who seems to find the true power of the Cat Goddess, and in the strangest way.

Written in the style of a Jules Verne or H.G. Wells adventure, this story will take you back in time, but with a twist of sexiness not found in those period works.

Contains elements of kitten play. Meow!


Davina Lee